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Diversity:  The need to embrace the power of differences and encourage those to strive to find their voice in society.


Education:  The basis of power is knowledge…and the ability to apply such knowledge in a creative, effective, and supportive manner that will benefit the person individually and society as a whole; thus, creating an education to employment pipeline (E2E).


Freedom: Understanding that the freedom we experience in this country is also a responsibility to exercise our rights to improve our families, communities, cities, states, country and the world.


Respect:  To treat others as we would like to be treated as we pursue life-long dreams, meet life’s challenges, and obtain our goals.  All the while, proceeding in truth, integrity, and bartering of ideas.


Accountability:  Honoring commitments; seeking to make decisions that are not selfish—but for the greater good.


Excellence:  To exemplify the spirit of becoming the best—always seeking ways to improve, learn, and promote high achievement in individuals, business partners, and the community.


Volunteerism:  To be community-minded by volunteering and supporting the greater good of the community and those in need.


Integrity:  To operate in a manner that promotes mutual respect, empathy, fairness, open communication, and honesty in working with staff, community, clients, and others

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