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The Institute for Careers and Leadership Development's vision is to ensure high school graduates are college and career ready, college graduates are connected to lucrative careers, and individuals with barriers can transition to becoming contributing members of society both, socially and economically, by utilizing STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Mathematics) as trajectories to their future.

This means that these individuals will be equipped with a Goal (the knowledge of their destination); a Plan (strategy for getting to their destination); Alternatives (ability to make a paradigm shift when life happens)—Thus, creating the Career GPA.©



The mission is to serve as the conduit through which disenfranchised and at-risk adults, students, and parents (when warranted) receive positive affirmation; are connected to resources, information, organizations, and professionals who are committed to decreasing the achievement gap.  The goal is to empower, build self-awareness, develop personal branding, advance college and career readiness, higher education completion, and access to resources.  Focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), ICLD developed and is committed to implementing initiatives engaging youth and adults in in open, collaborative, interactive, supportive and innovative platforms that stimulate a solution-based approach to affecting  the participants well-being, while building an educated and career-ready 21st Century Houston. 


Each program initiative is directed towards closing the college, career, and postsecondary education achievement gap among first-generation, socioeconomically disadvantaged, non-traditional, and historically underrepresented populations, to include returning athletes and veteran student groups.  Program content will be directed towards transitioning from high school, college, military, incarceration, drop-out to post-secondary education, training and careers; with emphasis on identifying career interest, completion, and integrating concepts of STEAM.

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