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February 3, 2017


The purpose of the CCES is to empower, build self-awareness, develop personal branding, advance college and career readiness, higher education completion, transition, and access to resources. The program content is designed to assist participants with guidance to foster alternative choices to risky behavior as well as providing strategies that will bridge the gap in academic achievement and transitional barriers.  


Participating in this program will significantly improve the individuals’ personal and interpersonal skills while engaging participants in self-knowledge assessments, career readiness and leadership development. Participants will benefit from the expertise of professionals who have progressive experience, education, training, and knowledge in all aspects of this game plan. Additionally, these professionals are extremely successful in their fields and have the aptitude for working with diverse and challenging populations.


The 2017 College, Career, and Empowerment Summit target population includes high school students who are experiencing challenges in and out of the classroom, athletes, student leaders, and those aspiring to be successful. Currently, the number of participants is limited to 600 students who represents these two student groups.  Participants will be identified by high school officials (i.e., counselors and coaches) using the following criteria: (1) limited parental/family support; (2) exhibited behavior that is not acceptable or considered as a potential threat to the student’s future; (3) struggling to maintain acceptable grade point average; and (4) have experienced repercussions as the result of poor judgement or decisions.  Although African-American students are the primary targeted ethnic group, the summit is open to all students who are at risk of not completing secondary and postsecondary education.

Testimonials from 2013 Summit

'The key ingredient of the Summit was successful in that it exposed individuals to careers that need workers and inspired the individuals to go outside the box into fields that are seldom thought about or discussed."                                                                  Ron Green, Houston City Comptroller

The initial College, Career, and Empowerment Summit was very inspirational!  I attended with four other itinerant transition coaches, and we all enjoyed the guest speakers’ presentations.  I plan to promote the summit on my campuses next year because it was indeed, an empowering event. I was not able to bring any students to the summit this year, but I’d like to arrange for several to attend next year.”     Maria Azios, Itinerant Transition Coach

You have to do these types of events more often it is completely necessary for our youth”  Student Attendee


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